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November 30, 1999


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On       I had a wonderful interview with All Ears Audiobooks ADD MORE

Went to internshp Tuesday February 9th, scanned one and a half binders (I’ll have measure this new batch, but I think I’m nearly done at least with initial scanning). My computer has locked me out, which is why I was doing stedcanning only. Went to History club afterwards, where I have not been for about a year, strangely. Prof. U. wanted to know what I’ve been doing, so I explained looking for scanning jobs etc., and while we were discussing this, Prof. P came up and explained a possible scanning job with her and took my number. I talked with her about the various reasons PDFs might work, such as portability accessibility, etc. She also recommended that I check with the library, which has E-reserves and scans there, which I will have to do.

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